Center Hill Preserve (CHP) is a 78-acre tract of open land managed by the Town of Plymouth. CHP encompasses 10 distinct natural community types, including pitch pine-scrub oak woodlands, a retired cranberry bog, and a coastal salt pond. CHP is notable for its several-hundred-yard-long stretch of rocky beach, which is excellent for tidal pool exploration during low tides. In fact, CHP is one of only a few sites on the west coast of Cape Cod Bay where upland forest grades naturally into coastal beaches.

Since 2019, CHP has been home to the Center at Center Hill Preserve, where the Southeastern Massachusetts Pine Barrens office is located. SEMPBA is taking advantage of its location in a dynamic coastal setting by conducting citizen science projects within the reserve. These projects include studies of trash that washes ashore onto the beach, observations of king tides on Cape Cod Bay, arachnid species diversity, and iNaturalist surveys of the preserve’s plant and animal life.