Horseshoe Crab Season is Coming

The Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries (MDMF) will be holding its annual Horseshoe Crab Science Committee meeting on March 11th in New Bedford. The purpose of the meeting is to review last year’s spawning survey and trawl survey of horseshoe crabs in Massachusetts, along with commercial fishery data and the ASMFC horseshoe crab assessment. MDMF’s own Derek Perry will be presenting the aforementioned topics, while Sara Grady of the North and South Rivers Watershed Association will also be giving a talk on horseshoe crab ecology.

The time and location details are as follows:

10:00 a.m.
Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries/University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth
1st floor class rooms
836 South Rodney French Blvd
New Bedford, MA 02744